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About Wanda J. Gonzalez

I am Wanda J. Gonzalez, founder of protec-pet-health.com and I have been in the blogging industry since 2015. As a professional blogger and article writer, my goal is to offer readers valuable insights into pet care for their beloved pets that is both informative and entertaining!

About Melissa D. Thacker (Author)

Melissa D. Thacker is a professional blogger and freelance writer who has been in this industry for the last four years. She writes articles on pet care as well as other topics that are of interest to her such as fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She enjoys writing for others because it helps them get their message out there more effectively which means they can help more people!

About Protec-Pet-Health.com

Protec-pet-health.com is a pet health and care blog that provides articles on various topics related to pet care, including the latest in veterinary technology, animal welfare, holistic medicine and more.

Our writers have experience with 2 published articles about pets so far. They publish their articles regularly on pet health and care topics such as current veterinary technologies, animal welfare benefits of holistic medicines like acupuncture or Chinese herbal remedies for pain control in dogs after surgery.