How do I now if my dog is cold during the night time?

How do I now if my dog is cold during the night time?


Having a furry friend is all great and fun but it comes with a box of responsibilities as well. one of those is to look at your dog that whether your dog is cold during thee night time or not. Dogs react differently to different temperatures. Some of them are prone to outside environment so they handle the weather changing quite well on their own while many of them are those dogs which enjoy the comfort of home, for them it’s a hassle to cope up with harsh temperatures like hot or cold weather.

This article hence concerns the signs a dog shows when it is cold at night.

Temperature Requirement For A Dog:

Understanding the temperature requirement for your furry friend is a key point to get closing to what’s the best way you can make him comfortable. Usually, 69-72 degrees F is the optimum temperature in winters. However, just know that the more fur your dog has the less chances of cold for it. Larger dogs can bear much cooler temperatures.

Make sure the temperature never lowers below 69 degrees F.

What Happens When Your Dog Experiences Hypothermia:

One of the hazardous risk of cold is hypothermia. If temperature falls below 95 degrees F chances become apparent. Your dog’s temperature should be around 120 degrees F. Signs of hypothermia are shown below, if any of these appear in your dog rush to a vet as soon as possible:


  • Dogs seems lethargic or sleepy.
  • Clumsy movements.
  • Stiff muscles.
  • Difficulty in breathing.

How To Notice If Our Dog Is Cold At Night?

After understanding the above mentioned requirements and signs, let me get you straight to the point:

Shivering Or Shaking:-

You shiver when you are cold. That’s how your body’s natural coping mechanism reacts to cold right? The same scenario goes with dogs. If your dog shivers it means environment is too cold for it. Dogs keep their tail close to their body when cold. Moreover it also stays around a heater or find shelter.

Resistance For Walking Or Hiding:-

When the dog hunches back or seems reluctant to move, this can be another sign. Look for how it behaves.


Dogs bark or starts whining when they are cold. So make sure to keep it warm.


If the outside temperatures are too cold, your furry friend despite having fur would not bear the weather for too long. Hence just take him outside to poop or whatever then bring it back in. Remember, no futile walks allowed in such cold weather.


Lifts Paw From Ground:-

Lifting of paw is a sign of stress. So when a dog lift the paw off it might be doing it from cold. Dogs have a special sort of circulation in their paws. Make sure to see all of these signs properly.

Curling Up:-

Likewise us humans, dogs also prefer to curl up around them or you or anything warm to keep themselves warm and comfy.

How Shall You Make Him Warm?

  • Get him a properly made dog house.
  • Set the temperature accordingly.
  • Noticing any signs, rush to a vet quickly.
  • Get a dog coat if it’s too sensitive to cold.

Following these instructions will surely help you and your furry friend to live a happy life.


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