How Long After a Dog Eats Do They Poop in routine?

How Long After a Dog Eats Do They Poop in routine?


If you own many dogs then you must concern their nature that how your dogs poop in routine. We humans have a digestive system responsible to digest the food after eating and excreting the waste out right? So just like that dogs own a digestive system as well. When nature calls, dogs, just like us humans, have to poop. So you might take them out for a walk or if they are already trained they’ll do it by themselves. This article concerns how long a dog to poop after eating an average.

Various kinds of dogs have a digestive system that works its own kind of way, hence, it might take from few minutes to an hour for dogs to poop in routine. But keep in mind that the poop they are excluding from their bodies is not anything but yesterday’s food, yes!

How Long Does It Take For Dogs To Poop?

How Long Does It Take For Dogs To Poop

It takes some 6 to 8 hours for food to get digested in a dog’s stomach. With that being said, it’s clear that a dog needs around 7 hours to poop after having a meal. While puppies might need not more than 4 hours. Pooping after 6-8 hours? What does this even mean? I shall describe to you then the science behind the working of a dog’s digestive system so that you will get a clear-cut image.

Working Of Digestive System:

A dog’s digestive system works pretty much the same way as humans except that their intestines works faster while the stomachs work slower. As soon as a dog eats, digestion begins. The saliva of dog help the big chunks of food they don’t chew properly get digested easily. As their stomach gets full, colon triggers. As the digestive process continues, food heads towards small intestine. Right when it reaches the large intestine water gets removed. And the remains are excreted out in form of poop.

Hence, the poop a dog does after eating a meal is not actually that food but the previous meal, instead of the one just eaten. Yes it might sound complex hence I had described already the working of a dog’s digestive system.

Now let’s elaborate the time for digestion and pooping furthermore.

Kind of food you’ll give to your dog controls how long will it take for that dog to poop. Usually, as common sense says, wet foods (foods containing a higher proportion of water) are far easier to digest than those which are dry. A higher digestible food will end up in less waste than the food with low digestibility. On the contrary, your dog will have to eat more of that less digestible food resulting in pooping more than once in a day. According to statistics, pooping for 1-5 times a day for a dog is considered healthy and normal. Usually, as the belly of a dog gets full, it will poop after 20-30 minutes. But it is not restricted to only once a day.  At the end, as said earlier, the timing and number of dogspoops varies.

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