How can one get a urine sample from a dog easily?

Why collect Urine sample of dogs:

What you will think that when a veterinary doctor asks for you to take a urine sample of your dog, eventually, the sample test can be done when you think that there is a change in your pet behaviourally and physically. Most of us know that dogs urinate very inappropriately, and it is pretty difficult for someone to get a sample of their urine.

But you have nothing to worry about, as in this article, we will elaborate you that how you can collect the urine sample of your dog and what measure you have to take while doing this, so let’s get started:

Procedure to collect:

  • It is important to note here that you collect the urine sample of your dog for different reasons as sometimes you want to check the health of your pet now; let’s elaborate on the steps which you may follow to get a urine sample of dogs:
  • Make sure to have a neat and clean container for collecting the sample, it doesn’t matter if the container is not sterilized, but it should have a tight lid to prevent from the external atmosphere.
  • Spot your canine on a short chain.
  • Take your dog outside the home and wait for their business and when you feel that the dog is going to urinate, just put the container underneath to collect the urine. This might take several tries as the dog can be furious about your activity, and slowly gradually, you will succeed in collecting the sample.
  • You may collect the sample of the dog more quickly as compared to the female dog, as the male dog lifts its legs, and it is easy for you to collect the sample.
  • When you have collected the sample, please take it in the right way place it in an excellent environment (Freezer), don’t test the sample which is for more than six hours, and it is best for you to determine the urine sample in the morning time as the fresh specimen is best to observe.

How can one get a urine sample from a dog easily?

It is the best recommendation for you that generally do check your pets by a veterinary doctor even when they are fine, and when they are sick, in both the conditions and it is very mandatory for their health. There are many tests performed by veterinary doctors in urine analysis (Urinalysis) to check the following parameters:

  • Glucose: Diabetes Miletus, related to kidney and other diseases
  • Protein: associated with metabolic disorders.
  • pH level: related to the acidic level and kidney disease and infections.
  • Ketones: these are the by-products of proteins so that their presence can indicate starvation.

When we talk about the cost for the urine analysis, it varies from place and hospital to hospital; generally, the range of cost lies between $25 to $100. It’s very easy.

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