How Much Should You Tip A Dog Groomer?  

How Much Should You Tip A Dog Groomer? If you have a dog with you whom you love and care about, you certainly would have taken it with you to a groomer every time the need arises, right? Let’s say you take your dog to a dog groomer about 12 times a year (once every month), this too depends upon what kind of breed you are referring to, the age of the dog, how much fur it sheds, and so on. And during this time your dog groomer does everything as per your desire, sometimes does additional work on your dog without even charging. Then according to some etiquette, you must tip the groomer accordingly.

I have done a bit of searching here and there to write this article which will surely help to understand that you must tip your dog groomer and how much you should tip.


Work Of A Dog Groomer:


But first you should understand what a groomer does and what kind of strenuous work a groomer goes through while grooming.


Make a mental note, dogs are not like humans.


They won’t always behave politely. They might also throw tantrums while getting groomed. Dogs have nails that can scratch your groomer or teeth that can bite the groomer. If the person grooms your dog and gives it some extras like brushing the teeth, eliminating the lice, cutting nails or trimming hair and does not charges any extra money then you must be considerable and use your sense to at least pay a good tip.


Consideration is the key. If you see the groomer getting peed by your dog, getting scratched or bitten by it and he or she still does not charge you an extra penny. This means that they love their job and they are being polite. Consider about it and must give them the desired amount of tip.

The tip should be anything you can afford to give. But it should not be anything that would seem like an insult to the groomer.

If you know the groomer for so long and you observe him or her doing the job perfectly since the start then you MUST tip your dog’s groomer.

I had seen an interview of a dog groomer where she has described how much you should tip the dog groomer. In her words, it’s your choice whether you should tip or not.

Grooming your dog is not an easy job.


How Much You Should Tip?

How much should you tip a dog groomer


According to the interview and statistical internet research, the tip should consist of 10-15% or 10-20% of the amount.


A dog groomer spends time and his or her physical energy on your dog. You go to a restaurant, you like the food, you tip the waiter, right? Your hairdresser styles your hair immaculately, you love it and you tip him, right? Those people are working on humans. Who are polite and do what they are being asked to do. Think about your dog groomer then. Being polite you should tip them around 15-20% as they work on animals and earn only about 40% of commission from a single groom.

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