How to get wax out of cat hair?

How to get wax out of cat hair? Cats like to roam here and there in the house towing with anything they see or like (mostly). If you are a lover of candles and cats and unfortunately you have experienced your cat accidentally bumping into the candle settled high above it resulting in your cat’s fur-covered in wax then what shall you do now? You might be afraid that the wax will damage your cat’s soft fur. Relax, this is why I am writing this article where I will show you some tips you can use to remove the wax from your cat’s hair easily and free from damage. 


Before starting you have to keep in mind some factors like the kind of wax, the behavior of your cat, and how much damage has been done after the accident. These factors determine the way you must now handle the circumstance.

Stay Relaxed & Look Up For Kind Of Wax 

Stay Relaxed & Look Up For Kind Of Wax

Seeing the sight of your feline covered in wax might petrify you. Calmly find out if the wax has burned the cat hair because if you find any damage or burn then go for a vet as soon as possible. 

It is not necessary that your cat encounters candle wax. It could be any kind of wax. And each type has its own cons.

  • Scented Wax: not a big problem
  • Beeswax: because it is the hottest kind, pure beeswax is the most dangerous to deal with.
  • Candle Wax: also termed as paraffin wax is not dangerous as this burns cooler. Harmful but not dangerous.

Ways To Get Wax Out Of Cat Hair:

 Each type of breed has its own kind of fur, depending upon that each hair type will respond distinctively to method of removal. But the procedure is pretty much the same and effective.

  1.  Let the wax become cool and hardened. 
  2. If your cat moves a lot and would not sit straight then you can’t remove the wax from the hair easily. So put your cat in a position that seems comfortable for both you and your cat as the process of getting the wax out is long.
  3. Next step, removal of maximum wax out of your cat hair. For that use a comb with a very fine and closed tooth. It will take out the most amount of wax.
  4. Now, after the combing, you have to take a piece of cotton, dip it in oil (preferably baby oil), spread and apply the baby oil on the whole of the cat’s hair by rubbing oil over it. It is believed that warmer oils remove the wax better.
  5. The next step, find a comb with wide teeth, comb the hair of the cat gently so as to spread the oil nicely over the whole fur. Keep on combing perpetually. 
  6. The final step, using a fine quality cat shampoo bathe the cat using warm water preferably. 

These steps will surely help you but do remember that precaution is always better than cure!

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