How to say “I love you” in dog language effectively?

How to say “I love you” in dog language effectively? For making a strong connection with your dog, learn to say “I love you” in dog language. Man’s loyal best friend in the shape of a pet is your dog. A dog sticks by your side when you are alive and misses you when you remain no more. There are a thousand ways your dog says I love you to you and shows care and affection. Wiggling tails, licking you, rubbing their body against you and many more. But the question is how you as a human can say I love you to the back?  In order to build a genuine bond with your furry friend and show empathy towards your dog you must know how to communicate effectively with it. I have researched and collected some common, warm ways you can use to show affection to them.

Bond Between A Dog And Human:-

Bond Between A Dog And Human

Before learning the language of a dog you must first understand the reason behind the strongest kind of human-animal bond between you and your dog. In earlier times dogs were not seen as domestic pets and they used to roam around and live in packs where they enjoyed hunting, exercising and simply living together among each other.

Soon humans started keeping a dog or two with them. The evolution from wild to domestic animal started.  It’s exactly not known what was the year when this seemingly symbiotic relationship had began but it had.

Our minds especially the frontal cortex and dopamine areas have become so accompanied by dogs from thousands of years that we in no time begin understanding when they are sad, happy, tired or angry. We love them naturally and they generate a sort of sweet feeling in our neurons.

How to say “I love you” in dog language effectively

  1. Listen To What They Say:

Like humans, dog needs to get listened and attended too. By listening I don’t only mean woof woof what I mean is look for the signs of:

  • Wiggling tails
  • Drooling
  • Eye contacts
  • Averted yes, licking, high eyebrows etc.
  1. Cuddles And Body touch:

Make sure you get attention to your dogs as much as you can. Cuddles, hugs, playing with them etc. Dogs love to get touched like this.

  1. Going On Walks:

Sharing company with your dog after having a cup of tea by going out and strolling together is what they crave. As said earlier, dogs DNA revolves around being in packs. So walking together creates a feeling of love and safety to them, just like roaming in packs.

  1. Express Through Your Face:

Science suggests that dogs are good at reading your facial expressions. Hence when you are said they come to you and cuddle you to make you feel good. Just like this what you have to do is to show them your love through sweet facial expressions!


  1. Use Your Voice:

Don’t hesitate when it comes to using dog voice. Just like your babies love and giggle when they hear you using a sweet high pitched baby voice to them, dogs love it too. Talk to them just as you talk to humans.

  1. Care For Them:

This includes wiping away their poops, feeding them, bathing and brushing their hair and taking care of them without showing any ill feelings.


Do these things if you want to make your dog realize in it’s own language.


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