How to stop a dog from pooping in the house at night time?

How to stop a dog from pooping in the house at night time? You have to look after their food, shelter and the most difficult part, yes time, mostly they are pooping in the house. you have to stop it, right!  Having a dog at home comes with many responsibilities. ,

It doesn’t matter whether you have a well-trained dog at your home, it is still an animal and it will still poop or pee against your will. Your dog got a bladder. You surely don’t want your house to stench badly from unwanted invasions of poop.

Taking care of it at day time under your observation is still quite easy you can take him out for a walk after meal and there it does the thing. But at night you have to take the dog inside your house mostly and then the real problem begins.

As you are asleep it can do the poop, so how can you stop your dog from pooping in the house at night?

Below I’m mentioning some ways you can resist it.


Reasons Behind Why Your Dog Poops In The House At Night:

Before the solution we must first look upon the problem or reasons behind the issue. Why it poops in the house can depend upon many factors:

  • Your dog might be new at your home and not perfectly trained.
  • It might be having some problem showing you the sign or communicating.
  • There might be something wrong with its stomach.
  • Disturbed bowel, allergies, food intolerance.
  • Stress or fear etc.


Try getting these factors erased or reduced.

A new pup, an untrained dog can poop in the house since they are new to the environment so it is completely normal, even a trained dog can do it sometimes. So nothing to get worried about, treat your dogs with care and affection and follow the steps below. How to stop a dog from pooping in the house at night time?


Ways To Stop The Dog From Pooping In The House

Ways To Stop The Dog From Pooping In The House


A trained dog might be habitual of pooping on sand or a pad or newspaper etc. Whatever it has been trained on, get to the root of it and observe the process so that you can find out the way they have been trained.


  1. A Walk Outside:

Physical activity is better for a good poop. Taking your dog outside will cause his bowel movements to hasten up the process, spend at least 30 minutes with it playing or simply walking so that it can poop afterwards.


  1. Cut Off Un Necessary Movement Of Dog At Night:

Dogs being dogs do not prefer to poop in a small area so it is a good chance that if you close the door of the room its sleeping in it won’t poop there.


  1. Change The Diet:

Consult the breeder or a dog expert to attribute a specific diet. Most breeders agree that feeding a puppy of 5-6 months about 4 times a day. Feed it moderate diet with food that contains moisture.


  1. Wipe The Place Of Pooping In The House:

Dogs have a very sharp sense of smell so wipe the area immediately so that can’t smell and remember it.

  1. Show Him A Spot To Poop:

Assigning a specific spot for your dog is a perfect way to end its confusion regarding where to poop, it might take some time and few accidents at start to adopt a new place but eventually you will succeed.

Hope this article helps you and your dog, happy pooping!



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