How To Remove Ticks From A Cat Without Tweezers?


One of the biggest problems for a cat owner is to remove ticks in the pet. Ticks are a kind of parasite, they suck the blood and they have different sizes starting from as tiny as a needle’s hole to as big as an eraser of a pencil. These bugs comprise 8 legs. They reside on bushes and can attach themselves to your cats (warm-blooded animals) to prey on them. Ticks are found mostly in mountainous areas, they develop in summers mostly. Though tick bites are usually harmful there are some harmful ticks (like wood ticks etc) that can cause serious diseases like Lyme disease or rocky mountain spotted fever etc. Hence if noticed, it is better to remove ticks from your pet as prevention is better than cure. If you love your lazy little cat you will surely not want any harmful diseases occupying them.

Although there is a subtle way of removing ticks with tweezers, people usually use a magnifying glass using tweezers side by to pull it out of the cat’s skin but it might cause your cat pain or can tear the body of the tick. If this happens then the tick will release its toxic constituents in your cat’s body, we don’t want that right?

I have two cats at home and I have written methods I use to remove ticks from a cat without using tweezers. Let’s get started!

Ways To Remove A Tick From Cat Without The Use Of Tweezers

Ways To Remove A Tick From Cat Without The Use Of Tweezers

  1. Use A Hot Metal Knife:It might sound dangerous but it is not if done with utter care. What you have to do is take a knife, then let it be hot on the stove or a lighter. Now very tenderly without touching the skin of your cat or its hair, press the tip of the knife on the tick. The heat will move the tick, it will take its pincers out. That’s your mark! As soon as the pincers are out, pull the tick out and either kill it or throw it in a zip lock bag with alcohol to show it to your cat’s vet. He will test the tick for any sort of viruses. ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES! Never try to remove ticks from a cat without gloves as they may spread diseases to you as well.
  2. Use Soap:What you need for this method is a liquid soap, cotton balls, or cotton swabs (in case you are dealing with constricted areas like between the toes, behind ears, etc).Apply soap to a cotton ball, press the cotton ball gently on the area where the tick is present. Wait for 1-2 minutes, as the soap reacts with tick it will take the pincers out mingling with the cotton. Now pull the cotton out. Throw it in the zip lock bag or kill it. But never throw it in the bin or toilet as it can crawl out afterward. My verdict will be, show the tick to your vet so that he can check for viruses.


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