What do cat fleas look like to the human eye

Cat fleas are what we call the most common type of parasite that lives on cats. They feed on blood and can transmit disease to humans, but what do they look like to the human eye? Fleas are small insects with bristles or hairs around their body. The color of these bristles varies by species, so it’s hard to tell what a cat flea looks like just from looking at them in general.

What are cat fleas

Cat fleas are a type of parasitic insects that feed on the blood of cats and other small animals. They live in colonies on their host animal, typically at the base of hair near where they can be found grooming themselves.

Their diet consists primarily of blood, so they have adapted to taking as much as possible from their hosts without killing them outright. Scientists believe cat flea populations may have exploded due to human interference with natural environments.

How do they look to the human eye

How do they look to the human eye

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